Lupeon, a world of possibilities in 3D

Adrián Sánchez e Luis Mandayo, creadores de Lupeón.
Adrián Sánchez e Luis Mandayo, creadores de Lupeón.

3D printing is one of the innovative and future growing sectors in the world. The possibility of synthesizing a 3D object in which successive layers of material are formed under computer control to create the object per se is nowadays a reality and beneficial for a number of companies within different scopes.

In Galicia there are several projects in motion focused on the 3D printing industry. One of them is Lupeon, a company whose driving force is Adrián Sánchez and Luis Mandayo, 2 relatives from Ordes and with expertise in the manufacturing of components and bits and pieces using 3D printing or AM.

Lupeon began in November of 2012. After having completed his degree in Industrial Engineering in Vigo together with Adrián, Luis also finalized his degree project in  Viena, where he learned first hand about interesting 3D printing.  Upon his return to Galicia, both cousins made the decision to kickstart their own project and by April of 2013 incorporated the company.

“We ve been working closely with a great number of industries such as those of automotive,  aeronautics, construction and the medical sciences”, says Adrián Sánchez.

And as they tell us on their website, in Lupeon they offer the posibility to manufacture a wide range of objects from pulling a low cost simple prototype or model to a high resolution object close to the quality and similarities of a top end product.


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