A Beer brewed out of mushrooms

Luis López, Iñaki Mielgo y Cristian Suárez, socios de Resetea.
Luis López, Iñaki Mielgo y Cristian Suárez, socios de Resetea.

At the beginning of this decade, the Belgian economist Gunter Pauli published “A Blue Economy,”  a book which deals with the recycling of waste residues as a new source of energy. Due to this book, the Vigo company Resetea came into being. A company, which trades with diverse products, based on the premise of reutilizing coffee grounds, dregs and other residues.

Besides their star product, the oyster mushroom self harvest kit, Resetea placed in the market in cooperation with Vacaloura beer breweries, Edulis Beer , a wild drink inspired by the Belgian beer tradition. The Edulis beer blends in barkey malt, rye and  spelt, which gives a sweet and savory kick with a dry spicy ending flavor. But at the very end of the tasting, one can appreciate the earthiness flavor of the mushroom boletus Edulis , that’s the reason of the naming of the beer. It is one of the most appreciated fungi taste and texture in the world of Galician cuisine.

Edulis is one of the most remarkable projects of Resetea, incorporated by their creators Iñaki Mielgo (CEO), Cristian Suárez (CCO) and Luis López (CMO).



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