NASA echoes shoot Humsat built by University of Vigo

Momento del lanzamiento de los Cubesats como el de la UVigo el 21 de noviembre de 2013.
Momento del lanzamiento de los Cubesats como el de la UVigo el 21 de noviembre de 2013.

The web NASA echoes shoot Humsat built by University of Vigo.

Kosmotras launched a Dnepr rocket from Dombarovsky on Thursday, carrying the United Arab Emirates’ DubaiSat-2, thirty one other satellites – including Peru’s first satellite and the Humsat of the Vigo University– and one attached payload. The mission set new records for the most payloads carried into orbit by a single rocket and the smallest satellite ever launched, following lift off at 13:10:16 local time (07:10 UTC).

The Dnepr launch comes less than thirty hours after an Orbital Sciences Minotaur I rocket placed 29 satellites and two attached payloads into orbit, breaking a record which had previously been held by the Dnepr since 2007.

Although Thursday’s launch carried more payloads than the Minotaur, less of them were to be deployed directly; twenty three satellites were tasked with separating from the Dnepr itself, with the remainder being subsatellites to be deployed from other spacecraft on the mission.

ICube-1 is a single-unit CubeSat built and operated by Pakistan’s Institute of Space Technology. Primarily intended to give its developers experience of building and operating a satellite, ICube is expected to operate for three months. The Humanitarian Satellite Network Demonstrator, or HumSat-D, was developed by Spain’s University of Vigo.

A one kilogram spacecraft, it is expected to demonstrate technology for the planned Humanitarian Satellite Network – a constellation of store-and-forward communications satellites to provide a link to areas of the world without access to more developed systems.


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