Tips on saving money and energy at home

Enrique Comesaña, José Rodríguez e Pablo Otero, creadores de NUbINGS.
Enrique Comesaña, José Rodríguez e Pablo Otero, creadores de NUbINGS.

José Rodríguez, Pablo Otero and Enrique Comesaña met at the Physics Department in the University of Santiago de Compostela. Just when they were completing their Ph D’s, they began to develop a business model, which was linked to the caring for the environment and saving energy. They were worried about the skyrocketing electricity bill payments and started looking at the possible cut downs on energy consumption in many households, so they decided to develop this concept of saving money and energy and turn it into a reality.

“At that moment in time there wasn’t any practical ideas about energy and money savers at home”, recalls José Rodríguez, now the CEO of NUbINGS, an app, developed by these 3 young entrepreneurs from Galicia, which gives away Tips on Saving Money and Energy at Home. “Cutting down about 20% of your bills is very simple”, asserts José. So, any household can save up to an average of 300 euros yearly.

Las pinzas amperimétricas controlan el consumo de cada circuito de la vivienda.
Las pinzas amperimétricas controlan el consumo de cada circuito de la vivienda.

NUbINGS consists of 2 tools: a gadget and an app. The gadget (a device with an Amperimetric Clamp) is placed in the home mains switchboard and it will read separately each circuitry  (general consumption, lighting, washer, dishwasher, fridge, etc.). Afterwards, the readings are sent digitally via the internet to our cloud and anyone can access it via a mobile device.

What makes NUbINGS different and practical is the tips and recommendations about saving money and energy for every single and particular household according to its specs and features. A perfect example of how our system works is for everyone to see at a model household we run in the outskirts of Santiago, Galicia.  You can check-The before and after- of their system and app, how it really works and how people can benefit from it.  “We had, for instance, a fridge which was wasting over 240 euros on electric bills a year. We replaced it for a new fridge with a classification A+++, which spends only about 35 euros a year.The purchase is worth the money since it pays off in only 3 years ”, says Rodríguez.

Moreover, José (CEO), Pablo (COO) and Enrique (CTO), the team of NUbINGS has 2 employees in the development department and another 2 people in charge of communication and marketing. The project got a kickstart from ViaGalicia, in which they were the finalist in 2015, working for the accelarator of Porto do Molle, in Nigrán.

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