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Biotecnology as a degree is now outrunning other popular majors in the main 3 Galician universities.
Biotecnology as a degree is now outrunning other popular majors in the main 3 Galician universities.
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What’s sexy about an Advanced Biotechnology Master of Science in A Coruña and Vigo? Well it is attracting university students and candidates from other areas of study since its demand has been skyrocketing in the different labor markets and job centers around Spain and Europe.


What’s the attraction? The broad-based approach of an advanced biotech masters degree could potentially entice a wide variety of recruiters. It also has something to do with the marketability of this degree among students and other scholars since the biotech industry rising demand is becoming a reality. Biotecnology as a degree is now outrunning other popular majors in the main 3 Galician cities. Registrations and admissions have increased three fold in the past year.

Pedro Pablo Gallego.
Pedro Pablo Gallego.

In fact, worldwide biotechs growth has been going up exponentially.  In Galicia, it is a reality and is supposed to have reached 60% of the number of Science majors and companies GDP’s. Over 45 companies have joined the cluster Bioga, which in 2013 took a wooping revenue of 56 million euros. They have employed so far well over a thousand people alone in Galicia.

Pedro Pablo Gallego, who is the Advanced Biotechnology Masters coordinator also says “It is a very attractive degree”, which is offered in Vigo and A Coruña. “You can complete this degree by accessing 8 different majors”, “and it is a master with a lot of marketability , some people say that the pharma research and industry is good enough, however, Biotech i s on the rise and the milk, wine, beer brewery and fertitlity industry are leaning more towards biotech engineers .. as more reliable and well prepared people for their businesses…”.

‘We want students to get in touch with the real projects and working environment’

Advanced Biotechnology Masters in A Coruña and Vigo kickstarted in 2010 and its application numbers are rising by the hundreds. 30 slots are open for both universities this year. 15 slots for each college . “We have credibility and the word of mouth works pretty well too.” We got students coming now from Madrid, Salamanca and South America”.

The students work experience placement and teaching staff participation in concert with companies are paramount. The coordinator explains “we want students to get in touch with the real projects and working environment; the real problems they will encounter along the way, and how to get to solve them in the workplace too.”

The Universidad of Santiago Compostela, in Galicia offers its own master of science in Biotech. This degree kicked off steadily in 2001 and, since 2010 it has given shape to its own courses and current format. It is run by the Ph D in Microbiology ,Tomás González, and all the teaching staff is exclusively from USC, not loaned staff like in the other colleges. Nevertheless, the content of the courses, their syllabi and work placement in companies are more intense at the A Coruña and Vigo sites.

The masters lasts for at least 18 months, what is the equivalent to 3-4 semesters. The final term paper is pretty much a practical project than a final end of term exam. It is leaning towards the students or candidates’labor marketability and future work experience.




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