Safe ID with biometric technology

Miembros del equipo del proyecto Face IDNN

The research, carried out for years in the Biometrics department of the Gradiant technology Center in Galicia, has resulted in the Face IDNN project, which is based on an innovative solution to verify the identity of a person by contrasting their image with the photograph of an identity file , from your mobile or computer in real time. It is expected to have the first prototype by mid 2018 and has been approached by several likely partners to bring this technology to the market.

O sistema utiliza o DNI para validacións
O sistema utiliza o DNI para validacións

The project has been included in the Ignicia program and will have funds worth half a million euros for its development. Esteban Vázquez, Head of Biometrics Gradiant, explains that from this technological center they have been working for quite some time with technologies applicable to facial recognition and are now ready to launch some type of business initiative to market this innovative solution.

The novelty of the Face IDNN identification method is the commitment to using an existing ID file, which avoids having to make a previous registration of the fingerprint or face to make the identification a reality. The process consists of taking a photograph of the person Photo ID card or passport with the mobile phone or computer and collating it, from the same device, with the face of the person to be identified. The system checks in real time if it is the same person and thus the operation is carried out and can definitely be authorized.

Vázquez explains that this identification pathway was chosen because there is a demand from certain business sectors (banking, telephone companies, etc.) in order to identify clients from a file, instead of using other systems such as a digital fingerprint.. “We are talking to several potential clients who have already shown interest in our system because it fits well with what they have been looking for,” adds Vázquez.


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