Qubiotech: Neurotechnology is Best Patient Care

Equipo de Qubiotech.
Equipo de Qubiotech.

Interpretation of medical imaging is a common concern for healthcare professionals. A small detail in a diagnosis can be vital for the health of patients, this is the reason why it is necessary to have the best technology available to prevent problems.

This is the ethos of Qubiotech-a company based in A Coruña, Spain which was established at the end of 2014.

It was born “from the transfer of an algorithm developed by the research group in Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging of the Ramón Domínguez Foundation, associated with the CHUS Nuclear Medicine Service”, explains Daniel Fernández, manager of Qubiotech. The algorithm was transferred to the company through an exclusive worldwide marketing license agreement, which has been granted for a period of 20 years.

Dispositivo de Qubiotech.
Dispositivo de Qubiotech.

With this tool, the company was able to develop its first product, Neurocloud, which is already being used at the Nuclear Medicine Service of the University Hospital of Santiago de Compostela.

“It is a platform that houses an algorithm capable of clustering, in a single document, several images taken through different techniques,” says Fernandez. With this technology, through an online viewfinder, it is possible to analyze each of the treated images separately.

Another interesting and important fact about this technological breakthrough is that it offers information based on a statistical analysis which allows to observe the differences between the features of the patient and a database with information about healthy individuals. In this way, any anomaly can be more easily detected, especially in the case of brain ailments. On the other hand, Qubiotech also offers other custom software development services, useful for clinical and pre-clinical studies.


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