Depo Andainas: A perfect choice to combine culture and sports

Camiñantes nun traxecto entre Tui y Porriño

To know in depth the territory that we live daily is a more complex task than it seems. Undoubtedly, one of the best options to do this is to hike or walk and be in the company of someone who knows the trails well and that would go unnoticed by the average hiker.

Observación de aves na Illa de Arousa
Observación de aves na Illa de Arousa

The program Depo Andainas, which in this 2017 has experienced its second edition, allows moderate sports and, at the same time, brings us closer together to some of the places full with greater cultural and scenic value in the county. Undoubtedly, this is an ideal way to combine sports and culture and to get to know better relevant natural and architectural settings.

The great success of the event has led to a total of 1,500 people having enjoyed this year the five Depo Andainas that have been held. In all the events the 300 existing places for each route were sold out in less than 24 hours. This number is considered the most accurate so that all attendees can fully enjoy the experience and avoid overcrowding.

The five trials that took place were in different stage at the Illa de Arousa-O Carreirón, the Pastora-Umia Natural Trail in Cambados, the As Salinas de Vilaboa-Illas Cíes, the Camino de Santiago between Tui and O Porriño and, finally, the Ruta da Pedra e da Auga in Soutomaior. The variety of natural and cultural places that could be visited in the five trials was one of the main attractions of this activity.

José Benito, partner of Marexada, company organizers of the Depo Andainas and coordinator of the same, explains that the ultimate goal of these routes is not limited to hiking but it is also to give the hikes a cultural sense and an awareness of their environment. Passing by monuments such as Tui Cathedral or Soutomaior Castle is a paramount opportunity to be able to learn more about the history and cultural backdrop of the area.

The route of the various Depo Andainas is designed so that it can be done by people of any age, since they have a medium-low level of difficulty and last between 2.5 and three hours, with three refreshments during the hike and with stopovers in order to explain various aspects of the tour by the monitors. This year there have been entries from all ages, ranging from 7 to 86 years old.

In the tours of this edition, the inclusion of the Illas Cíes was highlighted, which awakened great interest among the attendees, so that nearly 900 entries were registered to make that route. Benito explains that among those who came to do it there were people who had never been to the islands and other people who knew them from many years ago. The great landscape attraction of this natural reserve contributed to the enormous success of this route that allowed to enjoy the attendees with one of the most impressive natural scenarios in Galicia.

The last Depo Andaina´s event  this year had to be delayed until November 5 due to the wave of forest fires registered in the province around mid-October. The event was used to raise awareness among the attendees about the peculiarities of the forest as a natural environment, the prevention of fires and, even the protocols of citizenship action in the face of this type of arson.


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