Galicia wants to fly high with drones

The Xunta (The Galician Government) wants the Parque Tecnológico at Rozas (Technology Park at Rozas, in Lugo) to turn Galicia into an international landmark of drones. In February, the Galician government has agreed terms with Spanish Indra and Inaer-the latter, a British branch of the Babcock group. They will be in charge of working on this project and more than 115 million euros will be injected into it until 2025, of which some come from private and public funding. This will be the first one that involves serious funding in the technological and industrial sector in Spain. This very same month of May, both companies and Government will seal the deal on paper. So, the project will take off at that time at the Rozas Park.

“This is a strategic project, most likely, it has been the most important deal to be sealed in decades in Lugo. Needless to say, this has been the most important, Xuntawise, in our province so far”, said in February the Xunta president, Alberto Núñez Feijoo who disclosed the name of the companies involved in managing this park.


Likewise, Manuel Varela Rey, the manager of the Agencia Galega of Innovacion (GAIN)-part of the Galician Department of de Economy, Employment and Industry- told GCiencia. : “This is a medium term investment so that Galicia can get ahead of the game in a sector like this, which has a great potential in the near future”, he explains. Varela points out that the Rozas airdrome will be the cornerstone of this project  “since its a very suitable area, very little air traffic and theres very little population, and close to the ocean. Theres also a free obstacle zone, which allows to test fly the drones with no hardship. In Europe there are now only 3 or 4 airdromes, which are close to the North Pole where weather conditions are hard”. Moreover, at Rozas the so called- Instituto Nacional de Técnica Aeroespacial (INTA)- has been operating here also for a while, and they have a test area with drones. So , we can say they have a lot of expertise in this field


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