Computing and Language: An opportunity for a start-up company

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Computational linguistics has been making a steady progress and is one of the upcoming investing areas in global software technology and online communications. Google and Microsoft are on in it , too. Cilenis, within the regional and local frame is less high tech but more content biased. As stated above is a spin-off company belonging to the University of Santiago de Compostela (USC). Cilenis is involved in the developmenty of advanced tools and apps in order to process and analyze natural language and retrieve lots of data and information.
Cilenis was born in 2011 at CiTIUS, the Centro Singular de Investigación-Singular Center of Research at USC. That very same year is awarded with the Proyecto Empresarial Innovador-First Award in Galicia for Innovation. And in 2013, its auto correction software Avalingua got an honorable mention at the Building Global Innovators 2013 at MIT.

Isaac González, director de Cilenis
Isaac González at Building Global Innovators.

Ever since, the project has been adding a new line of linguistic products and tools to its original catalog of services. It ranges from feelings analyzer to VOIP, translators and languages search engines among other things. The API linguistics software platform for companies is a well planned and recent addition to the project, too.
The 3 pillars of Cilenis
2015 is Cilenis’s market consolidation year. This spin-off company has come a long way and it is a commercially viable company withg a range of products and apps, which correct, translate, conjugate, summarize and help write and access new pathways to learn new stuff!
CilenisApi, Linguakit and Avalingua are the main 3 pillars and the foundation, on which Cilenis lies. It offers also consulting services for customized projects.
CilenisAPI is a software solution in the cloud for companies dedicated to the process, development and research of natural language and linguistics engineering. The idea is to develop software with the philosophy of accessing an open source code and also to analyze and retrieve text data.
Last year, this very same company lauched the web Linguakit, which offers the latest in linguistics technology to its users. It deals with a plethora of languages apps to retrieve data, to explore and analuze texts and their content. It also has a verbal conjugator, a language identifier, VOIP, keyword retrieval system, multiword and a morphosyntactic tagger.
Lastly, Avalingua is an automatic correction software which allows to assess the language level of written documents and is under pressure this year to see if it really works for the very first time in the market place. This tool makes an assessment of a text and searches for typos or errors whether it be grammar, word or style biased mistakes. It is also involved in the content of information or data its typology, importance, and posible solutions.



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