Friday 19 April 2024

VMS Automotive, Designing The Motorcycle of the Future

The long history of the automobile sector in the Vigo area is the starting point of VMS Automotive, a business project with just one year of life but which aims to stand out in the automobile market in 2019 with an electric motorcycle that can break molds in this sector due to its capabilities and advanced technology. The role of R & D, which is being done in collaboration with the Galician Automotive Technological Center (CTAG) and various engineering companies, is key to the development of a product that has high probabilities of success in today´s global market, and that increasingly calls for environmentally friendly mobility solutions.

Pablo Campos, CEO of VMS Automotive, explains that the project emerged as a spin-out of the Marsan group, with more than 60 years of industrial expertise in the city of Vigo. In 2016 it was decided to press forward with on of the independent subsidiaries of the group that is currently working on the product.


The motorcycle that is being developed has a unique the design with a high tech state-of-the-art-system of balancing, steering and suspension. This will account for a very safe vehicle. It is a three-wheeled motorcycle that will have engines in each of the rear wheels. “We have a patent for this system. Today there are few models of electric motorcycles and our expectation is to start by penetrating the Spanish and French market, and then expand to western Europe, the Nordic countries and the United States” said Campos.

The VMS Automotive model will be in the mid-range of the market and the idea is to offer a potential customer a new riding experience, which includes the possibility of reversing, something unusual on a motorcycle. In addition, They are committed to a vehicle with zero emissions and with very advanced safety conditions. In the end, it is a matter of moving towards a more flexible and efficient mobility concept, which is gradually trying to impose itself in the main cities world wide. The bike will be the first vehicle to be developed by the company, which aims to launch other products later on.


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