Legends and Myths in a Magic Place

Ermida da Lanzada.

The promontory on which the Castro of A Lanzada rests, has, without a shred of a doubt, a special charm that goes well beyond its tourist attraction. Surely, the incredible natural landscape, in which it is enclosed, was one of the decisive elements why its first inhabitants decided to settle there. Since then there have been a plethora of myths and legends that surround a place where, beyond one´s beliefs, strange things seem to happen.

It is extraordinary that in such a small area of land there must have been a celtic fortification aka a castro, a shrine and a medieval castle altogether, but the more this place is surveyed the more mysteries are unfolded in this small tongue of land, that goes into the sea and that in summer becomes one of the most after-sought-landmarks of the Galician coast.

Undoubtedly the most well-known legend, in all of Galicia, is the sea bathing of the nine waves that is recommended for women who wish to have children. This fertility myth falls in the same category of other capes legends around the world but this one has its peculiarities. In theory, the sea bathing should be done at dawn and during a night of full moon. The woman must be bathed by nine waves and, later, lie down on the “bed of the Virgin” near the shrine. In addition to its positive effects for motherhood, it is also said that the sea bathing has therapeutic properties.


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