Kiply, the galician App that will increase your productivity

Equipo de Kiply.
Equipo de Kiply.

A Galician company has just launched what it can be coined as the antidote against time wasting at work and to enable employees to make the best of their job resources. The Kiply tool, developed by a group of Galician entrepreneurs aims at “enabling you to perform your job better”, explains José Higinio Cánovas, the company´s CEO. Cánovas has a degree in Business Administration and Management from USC in Galicia and a Masters in Finance, too. Before kickstarting Kiply, he was doing consulting where he began to work out in his head this app. He says “I was wondering how my employees should perform at my workplace, and how I could empower them to get better at specific tasks”.

Panel de parámetros de Kiply
Panel de parámetros de Kiply

Logically, you need some kind of parameters to measure it. Thats why the app is thought out for people who work most of the time with computers. “Its what we are able to control —explains Cánovas—. We work like a measuring bracelet people use for fitness,so to speak, its like a calorie counter or steps you have to take to burn them. And we focus it on working. We compare data of different users and suggest where they can save time and how they can manage their time better”.

Kiply is downloaded onto any computing device and from them on, you begin to collect data. The user can choose different measuring cards, which show up by default (web browser, social networks, IT programs) or you can come up with new customized cards, which can measure any task and time management required for it. From the first week onwards and through a comparison chart with databases from multiple users and an analysis of productivity, Kiply, then, starts by giving you advice on tasks and how you should manage them.


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