Egatel, innovation as a way of life

There are times that investing in innovative ideas is not the same old formula but becomes a happy reality. This is the case for the company from Orense Egatel, a company which is part of COMSA coorporation, and since its inception in 1992 the company has been focussedon the development of products based off innovative ideas so that they can compete within the international markets. it is not by chance that the last report Ardán points at Egatel getting the top grades among the top Galician innovative firms and companies overall in the Golden Galician category.

Microtransmisor de Egatel.
Microtransmisor de Egatel.

The project managing director of the I+D of Egatel, Manuel Pozo, explains that innovative vocation at Egatel is paramount for the company´s success and development across its production line. All equipment being sold at Egatel is designed by Egatel and its I+D labs alone.

The company from Ourense produces and sells Radio and TV relays and transmitters, which can be found across 30 different countries worldwide. This is real proof that innovative ideas get to open new pathways and markets for international companies and firms.  “Without I+D we would not be able to survive in this sector, its part of our DNA and its our company´s ethos ” says Pozo.

35% out of the Egatels 62 employees are part of the I+D  but, as Pozo points out, innovation is all around in our company and the whole staff is always involved in the development of new products.

16% of our revenue end up in our reserach and development department, which works closely with the Galician  AIMEN, CTAG, Gradiant and the 3 colleges. Our Egatel star products are basically Radio and TV relays and  transmitters; before they used to be analogue but now are digital.  However, now theres a wide range of TV standards in every corner of the world. So they customize this type of technology for each and specific country. Egatel whose headquarters are at the Parque Tecnológico of Galicia, has also branches in Madrid, Finland, Argentina, Chile and México. These branches also offer support to bordering countries.


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