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The Beauty is in the Grape

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The power of the Galician mother nature has to reach the beauty saloons. That is the motto of CosmetInnova, a partnership of five small Galician companies with the sole aim of bettering the properties of the organic cosmetics, it is this type of sector that is rising at a speedy pace and with an added value. This partnership began trading in October 2013 and have been steadily approaching the end phase of their final project with spectacular results. Together with the aid of the Universities of Vigo and A Coruña, the ongoing Project is aimed at the application of mushrooms, plants, olive oil and wine chaff to the cosmetics world.

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CosmetInnova team meeting.

Their reseach has been all about the purification and extraction of active components present in nature to offer new ingredients to the organic world of cosmetics. It is a startling advancenment in the dealing of materials, which can funnel and filter the essences to extract , enrich and purify certain molecules. “We do this in order to promote the organic and healthy properties of cosmetics without the use of artificial additives or preservatives but only organic ones; mainly those from Galicia”, says José Manuel Vilariño, Technical coordinator of this breakthrough project.

Galician produce are the base of their research. The organic raw materials from Galicia , which CosmetInnova employs in this process are albariño wine chaff, mushrooms, and olive oil, and likewise plants which are associated to traditional medicine from Senegal and South Africa.

[box size=”large”]The partnership will develop products like lipsticks, facial creams and eye mascara[/box]

CosmetInnova kicked started this project under the shelter of the Conecta Peme grant, by the Consellería de Economía e Industria (Galician Economy and Industry Regional Departments). With an initial investment of 700.000 euros, which 60% of it is funded by Axencia Galega de Innovación (Innovation Department of Galicia), needless to say that this amazing ongoing project is a collaboration of five companies: Iuvenor Lab, CarOi’Line Cosmética, Hifas da Terra, Organistry and Glecex. The University at Vigo helps with loaning their chemical engineering research center facilities EQ2 and the other one at A Coruña campus, coined Grupo de Polímeros.

To give it a bit of added value, their current goals are not only the body milk or shampoo products, which are sold in stores in big bottles but also concentrate cosmetics. So, the main 4 lines of work here are facial creams, lipsticks, eye mascara, and hydrating serums.

Their partners are going into a very saturated and coorporation biased transnational market  and face competition from others I+D projects. “The only thing left for us is to research and innovate once and again”, says Ana Vázquez, CosmetInnova director. “For the medium-sized-companies like ours, we must innovate and come up with new, different and more organic produce to compete with the giant coorporations. And our I+D is our only way out”. The choice of innovating in the right direction is what may turn into beauty the raw materials from nature.

One consortium, five companies

The CosmetInnova consortium is composed of the following companies:



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