AR-K: a Graphic Indie Adventure from Galicia to the World

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When we talk about indie, a type of music pops in our head, music spawned out of small cottage labels and alternative to the mainstream music. However, the term indie is also applicable across the border to the movie, comic and game industry. In fact, when we talk about indie games we find Gato Salvaje Studio, creating their own niche space. AR-K is a graphic developer, which has been able to place their product on one of the largest digital game download sites on the net, Steam.
Thanks to a contributive capital loan fromXesgalicia, which belongs to the local government of Xunta de Galicia, and through their capital investment partners supported and financially backed Gato Salvaje Studio from Coruña, and were able to launch the first two parts out of four to this quirky game July 21, 2014 via download sites such as Steam, Desura, Gamersgate, Windows Store, Google Play y Mac App Store. Plus the $101.564 dollars, which AR-K cashed in at Kickstarter, placing AR-K within the 2% of most successful initiatives on this web to reach an audience worldwide. This type of crowdfunding and self-financing have helped them develop in the creative and distribution fields.

Greg Rucka.
Greg Rucka.

Due to these kind of financial aid and success, AR-K has grown in popularity among gamers–their game was a best seller on Games Planet, The Adventure Shop or Media Markt–, their developers have been able to gain support from a famous comic script writer who came up with part 3 and 4 of this game: this is the American genius, Greg Rucka, a 4 time Eisner winner.
To Rucka´s scripts you have to add the English voice of Ash Sroka, the voice over for the game Tali’Zorah vas Normandy in the trilogy Mass Effect, this adds tone and personality to the main character of AR-K.
Sergio y Fernando Prieto, con Al Lowe
Sergio and Fernando Prieto, with Al Lowe, American video game designer.

AR-K has been pigeon-halled as a graphic adventure genre of point and click. The different parts and stages, texts, voices in English and Spanish have been developed with the graphic engine Unity 3D. Moreover, the games voiceover has been done by big time pro actors and voiceovers, well-known for their participation in series like The Simpsons or Jurassic Park.


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“Alicia Van Volish is an ex-cop who struggles to become a reporter. Then, she wakes up with a very bad hangover. She has drunk way too much and can´t recall what happened between her and her acquaintance the night before. Who is he? Somewhere around lies a clue, that is to go for a golden sphere, which seems to be the key to finding out what really happened that night…”
That´s how the game kicks off, that is an homage to classic titles of the genre, according to the game creators. Humor, mystery, suspense, and romance are the main ingredients for a fabulous adventure with 3 D aesthetics. It also includes extraordinary sci-fi elements. This story unravels well into the future of mankind, which Alicia has to overcome. She is the conspicuous and insolent protagonist of the AR-K game.


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