Aeromedia: drones with a galician soul

Carlos de la Rocha e Aquilino Abeal, fundadores de Aeromedia.
Carlos de la Rocha e Aquilino Abeal, fundadores de Aeromedia.

Aeromedia´s business track record  in just five years of trading is a good advance of the possibilities of growth, which lie ahead in the drone sector. The company, born and bred in A Coruña since its inception in 2012, currently has opened a total of 19 franchisees in different parts of Spain. This year, Aeromedia’s headquarters, based in Oleiros, expect to reach a turnover of 1.5 million euros, which is triple the number reached last year.

Carlos de la Rocha, founding partner of the company together with Aquilino Abeal, explains that the decision to embark on this adventure arose by combining his business vision with Abeal’s knowledge in the world of aeromodelling. The company was initially dedicated almost exclusively to audiovisual projects, but soon evolved and has been able to develop four other lines of business: emergency sector, industrial inspections, agroforestry and training.

The five branches have balanced their income but the inspection in the industrial sector is the one that shows greater possibilities of growth and is one of the main reasons for explaining this large expansion through franchising.

De la Rocha also has highlighted the development possibilities shown at Rozas drone center, promoted by the Xunta, as it may encourage the participation of groups of  other Galician small and medium companies in a sector with a promising future. Aeromedia now has 16 workers and expects to have 25 by the end of this year. The possibilities of ongoing growth in the future are great, since “there are markets that until now were not mature and now have begun to be so,” says De la Rocha.


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