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You decide no longer when to water

Their idea is to install agroclimatic stations that detect climatic parameters of both the plants and the soil and that these data are analyzed immediately by our own software which offers the farmer a summary crop and where needs are adapted to each producer . As a daily part that guides the actions to be performed on the plantation without relying on the instinct. “It is based on tradition, in the customs sector and we also do educational work .  We explain that environmental monitoring can reduce costs, improve production, save on resources such as water , plant or electricity , “says Sergio Eiriz , one of the partners along with engineers David Losada and Javier Pesado.


The product has been on the market after nearly two years of research and development of hardware and software. Its pilot facility is located at an organic vineyard appellation of origin Ribeiro. The ambient temperature and humidity, air pressure, solar radiation, moisture of the leaf, the water potential, soil temperature, air speed and direction and the amount of rain are measured there. All these data are transferred via GPRS to iBeeAgro Tool, the program tells the farmer directly the risks of disease in cultivation, how to manage irrigation and even manage the notebook field exploitation. As a service in the cloud, the users can monitor their field from anywhere from their smartphone (or computer) and Internet access. Or you can create alerts that notify you via email or SMS when abnormal situations or risks for cultivation are registered. “Now we are also working on automating orders so the platform can manage irrigation and give the order directly if it is necessary,” says Eiriz.


The test fields will be expanded soon with two new pilot projects in Extremadura . The system has been proposed for fields exceeding five hectares extension , so its application in Galicia would be limited “to the viticulture sector or even potato ” . ” But do not close the door to anything ,” he says .

By now they have already had success in business innovation awards . They won one Incuvi Award of the University of Vigo in 2015. And the iBeeAgro project has also been selected in the Open Future program for new upcoming companies.


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