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Lets start off from the beginning. Behind this complex name of nanotechnology we find the whimsical branch of nanotechnology with applications or biological or biochemical usages.  This is the field, in which Nanoimmunotech is breaking some ground, a spin-off of the Vigo and Zaragoza colleges, with such varied and useful developments as locating tumors, quick salmonella detection or the production of pregnancy tests and water treatment or filtration with ozone and gold nanoparticles.

Bioconjugation, nanodetectors and nanotoxicity,big fields in this trade now

“Our company was set up in 2009 as a consequence of a large body of knowledge which came from the field of nanobiotechnology and the new business opportunities which were out there”, explains their manager, Rubén Santos. The Centro de Investigaciones Biomédicas de Vigo (Cinbio) –Biomedical Research Center, and the Instituto de Nanociencia de Aragón (INA)-Institute of Nanoscience, joined forces to develop new tools, which can be discerned clearly. The participation in a cooperative effort and projects of the 3 main corporations Interconnecta, for instance “a clear example of great success in this type of research of triple helix: institutions, companies and colleges”.

Rubén Santos, CEO of Nanoimmunotech.

Nanoimmunotech, with their headquarters in Vigo and Zaragoza, have undertaken joint projects in order to develop a vaccine against cystitis, the detection of substances in water filtering and treatment plants or stress level detection in animals before putting them down through sweat and saliva assessment with the expertise of companies like CZ Veterinaria, Copasa or Coren. This way an I+D has been developed and is still in progress under the management of 14 employees. “We are basically a company dedicated to I+D; it’s the main purpose of our expenditure, which I can tell you we spend around 50% of our total budget”, says Santos.
The bioconjugation is one of the 3 main fields, in which the company works around. Another line of work of our company is aimed at the field of nanobiodetectors: a live element is detected whether it be water or air or whatever in the bloodstream, for instance. The third line of research of Nanoinmunotech is nanotoxicity, which offers great reliability within product analytics that employ nanoparticles. Within all this plethora of services, Nanoimmunotech has been consolidated as a demonstration of the importance to move into the world of commerce the knowledge of universities worldwide. Or better said, this is the proof that knowledge can turn into a profitable business and be a part of the economy.



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