Project Reproesteatosis, Innovative Health Solutions Against Liver Ills

Membros do grupo de investigación do CiMUS

The fight against cancer and other diseases with a genetic origin requires a long way and research to be able to offer positive results. The project Reproesteatosis that is carried out at the CiMUS of the University of Santiago, Spain began years ago with the objective of making progress in the detection of the causes that kickstart diverse diseases of the liver, among them liver cancer, and how to prevent the spread of this tumor. Five years of work have allowed the CiMUS to get the first positive results by using mice for research. Now perhaps the most difficult thing is to secure the necessary funding to continue on the right the path started and in order to make the project a viable business initiative.

The biologist, Begoña Porteiro, is one of the researchers who is part of the group and over the last five years has studied the evolution of fatty liver disease in mice. One of the most important conclusions of this long work is the possibility of reducing fat levels in the liver of mice by manipulating the P53 and P63 genes. In this way it could prevent the appearance of fatty liver disease, which can eventually lead to cirrhosis and liver cancer.

Although the research still has a long way to go, it has been possible to verify some of the hypotheses, which the team is working with in the project like samples of human patients suffering from the steatohepatitis. The collaboration of the research group in Santiago with others in Bilbao and Madrid is what has made these progress possible, although it will be necessary to obtain more funding to be able to move forward and to obtain effective drugs to combat and prevent this type of liver ailments.


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