Eduardo Rolland

edu-rollandEduardo Rolland  é xornalista, escritor e guionista. Colabora con artigos e colaboracións en La Voz de Galicia e medios como National Geographic. É tamén xestor cultural, escritor –cunha ducia de títulos publicados–, e director e guionista de televisión e documentais. Foi Premio Xunta de Galicia de Xornalismo Científico no ano 2004 e Premio Nacional de Xornalismo F. Fernández del Riego, en 2005.

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  1. Dear Mr. Rolland,
    I hope it’s okay with you that we write in english. Unfortunately neither of us speak spanish, that’s why.
    As editors for the Department of Radio-Documentary at the SWR in Baden-Baden, Germany, we are planning to produce a series of transmission about so-called conspiracy-theories concerning the survival of Adolf Hitler after World War II.
    As we learned from some publications there is a slight possibility that in April 1945 Hitler fled from Germany and reached Spain. Possibly he lived in Montserrat for a while, perhaps he reached Vigo and fled by submarine, maybe he lived in Francos residence in Pazo de Meiras.
    We are planning to follow these theories with our microphones and find out, which of them make sense and which belong to the vast field of fairytales.
    We understand you, Senor Rolland, a profound and critical expert on that field, and we would be very honoured to get in touch with you and to meet you for a personal interview.
    As far as we can see, we could be in Vigo for a meeting at the end of February. What do you think? Could you imagine to meet us and give us some where- and howabouts of these stories?
    We would be very happy hearing from you.
    With kind regards,
    Michael Lissek & Walter Filz

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