O equipo de Monet, de esquerda a dereita: ose Antonio Gay, Débora Franco e David Rey.

Monet, technology to pamper vineyards

A program created by this Galician company helps breweries and companies alike to keep their vineyards disease-free

Vines disease prevention and control is one of the main concerns of entrepreneurs in the wine sector. When facing this type of problem, the Galician company, Monet Viticultura, has come up with an ingenious program, which allows vineyards plantation owners to check the status of their plot of land in real time from any mobile device via the Internet.

“A close and good care of the vineyards plantation will help cut down on the use of fitosanitaries and other chemical products, that’s why the grape quality will get better for sure”, says Débora Franco, cofounder of Monet.

The concept was born at the end of 2012. The brainchild of three witty engineers with majors in telecommunications, Débora, David Rey and José Antonio Gay, who had been already doing research at Vigo University, and worked for a while on the implementation of new technologies in the rural areas and the primary sector, decided to put to good use their ideas.

At the start of 2013, they won an award aka  Incuvi Emprende conferred by the Vigo university and aimed at I+D+I programs, which are more common ground in universities, nowadays. By the end of that very same year, their efforts were compensated by the companies accelerator VíaGalicia. And afterwards, in March of 2014, they incorporated the so called company Monet, and they managed to pull it together with an agronomist on their side, Eugenia Comesaña, so as to have a better insight of the wine sector. This program was at full speed by then .

Monet is operational with any private or public meteorological station and collects atmospheric and environmental data such as temperature, air and leaf humidity, rain and wind levels and features, etc. It specifically shows a forecast and tips closely related to that particular plot of land. Upon reviewing these data , assessment of disease models and predictions are scrutinized.  The probability of new upcoming or already known diseases is updating via a colored code  (green, yellow , orange, red etc.).

At this moment in time , Monet has a portfolio of over 12 strong clients, which have been conferred by the government with different protected denominations of origin located in the regions of Galicia, Castilla and León, La Rioja and Navarra all across Spain .

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